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Alternative Social Living Concept  // 2011

In a era of the communication revolution and social networking, this studio's goal was to create a social network living space based on the ideas of Facebook. Located at the heart of Tel Aviv, near the beach, this network started with one single, one married and one dating couple whom were all socially connected. Each subject was allowed to choose 3 friends to live next to this was connected 4 times making 120 people. The physical connections between apartments corresponds to the type of emotional connections between the various residents in the complex, as they are all connected on some level.


The complex is intended to be built in a modular form of a 6x6 grid, therefore allowing for many different arrangements/ changes and additions/ subtractions of apartments, and even allowing for the com plex to grow and develop on top of roads and other existing buildings. Communal gardens were placed on the tops of homes on the levels below and between connected homes on the three dimensional grid. As well, public spaces were designed on each floor for the inhabitants’ use.

The apartments themselves were designed in a futuristic form where the walls are made of digital panels allowing the inhabitants to choose the feel and design of the apartments' physical surfaces at any given time through computerized control. This complex was intended to provide a unique lifestyle that challenges the con - temporary standard of living while still preserving the ideals of shared spaces and environmental values.

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