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Invited Competition Proposal  // 2018

Our proposal for the IFCJ Building is grounded in the desire to cre - ate an open and accommodating edifice that can act as a home away from home for Christian and Jewish populations alike. The IFCJ Building is comprised of five floors above ground and two floors below. These are divided conceptually into two main sections. The northern section, soaring above the garden and over - looking the city scenery, is the ceremonial wing. It includes the Visitor Center, which hosts a museum, a library, an archive, and a rooftop prayer assembly space. The south - ern section, which is the operational wing, contains all other institutional functions, including an auditorium, classrooms, and offices. Through the entrance lobby, a visitor can ascend toward the ceremonial wing’s various spaces, or descend toward the auditorium and volunteer paces. The two sections are connected by a system of bridges extending over a gardened patio structure as well as metamorphisize it into a useful, productive building that contributes to the neighborhood and environment. My involvement included managing the design team from initial design development, to drawing plans, section and elevations and graphic presentation designs, as well as developing presentation materials and booklet for the client.

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