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Winning Competition Entry // 2013 // INITIAL STAGES 

Chyutin Architects won the competition for the design of the new campus of BenGurion University in the city Beer Sheva, Israel. The new north campus is located on a plot of 30 hectares and building area of 300 thousand square meters which will double the size of the existing campus. The additional campus is connected to the older campus on the northern side of the railway tracks. The plan includes a public entrance square with commercial and cultural facilities for the university and the neighboring residential vicinity; students dormitories; a congress center; academic and research facilities; sports facilities and others university functions. I was involved in this project from its inception and in preparing a set permit documents and plans, construction documents, bidding documents including drawing elevations, details, and extensive plans. In addition, I built a 3 D model of the site and prepared detailed rendered images, as well as developed presentation materials for the client. As well, I managed the projects progress and am in close contact with both the client and all the necessary consultants. Furthermore, I worked on developing the relevant zoning plans for the building permit. Throughout this process, I worked closely with Bra - cha & Michael Chyutin (principal architects) to achieve the client’s envisioned results. This project is currently waiting for city approval.

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