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Invited Competition Proposal // 2nd Place // 2014

The Courthouse structure integrates into the urban fabric of the site while incorporating a modest, hu - man scale design and emanating judicial authority. The planned structure both bridges between the tall commercial buildings surrounding it from three directions and the low residential complex from the south, creating a unique design language. The Cubist, minimalist design does not compete with its mixed sur - rounding styles but rather acts as a bridge between them. The building’s stylistic restraint shows respect, stability and resistance to changing fashions and thus represents the image of law which stands above time and trends and serves eternal human justice. The facades facing the office buildings are designed as a double skin ecological glass screen with a lattice of glass surfaces of different transparency levels beside it and the façade facing the residential complex is made up of stone tiles in modern textures and dimensions in opposition to these traditional stone buildings. The Building’s design combined with its new materials and advanced construction technologies are eminently contemporary. The Functional Design of the Building The Jerusalem Courthouse can accommodate 135 courtrooms and related activities with a total area of 40 thousand square meters. The courthouse structure is de - signed as an elongated rectangular prism, made up of a 3-story sub - ground base and 9 upper levels. The above ground floors are divided into three distinct divisions: The district courthouse wing, the lower courts wing, and the common entrance hall which connects between the two wings of the building. My participation in this competition involved initial design development, building trial models, drawing plans, section and elevations, building a 3 D model and renderings. As well, designing and developing presentation materials and panels for the client.

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