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Invited Competition Proposal // 2nd Place // 2018

This projects was an invited competition to propose a new Azrieli centre in Petach Tikva. The project program involved mainly office spaces with very little retail. We decided to rethink and propose a different type of sustainable work environment. We proposed taking typical office towers and disasembling them to create unique and varied balconies and separated / flexible working environments. It was also important to us that in the towers provided flexible spaces as well. In doing so, we created parametric facades that slowly opened up into flexible balcony spaces on every floor, while preserving the facades as a linear, whole design. Sunlight and shade was taken into account while placing the building on the site. The proposal also offers various unique green spaces, from the public linear garden on the entrance level , company balcony / communal spaces to private balconies on each floor of the towers. The different stages and taking advantage of all building rights on each one of the 4 property lines were taken into account as well while working on this design of the structure. We strived for clean and delicate facades.

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