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Apartment Renovation // 2013 // COMPLETED 

The Raucher residence, located on the Upper East Side in Manhattan, was a project that involved combining a studio apartment with a two bedroom apartment. The client wanted a three bedroom apartment with defined common rooms while preserving an open feel. It was important to the client to incorporate specific sculptures and paintings into the design of living room, kitchen, and dining room. I was involved in this project from its inception and involved preparing permit documents and plans, construction documents, bidding documents including drawing elevations, details, and extensive plans. In addition, I built a 3 D model of the site and prepared detailed rendered images, as well as developed presentation materials for the client. I also made frequent on-site visits and was in close contact with the client. I also was involved in choosing and ordering design materials including stone, marble, paints, and tiles, as well as necessary plumbing fixtures and appliances. Throughout this process, I worked closely with the principal architect at the office and on site to achieve the client’s envisioned results. This project is currently under construction.

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