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Invited Competition Proposal  // 2nd Place // 2018

Desert Stars was established to nurture a new leadership generation within the Bedouin society, a generation of leaders who take responsibility for the creation of a better, more just and more equal society, which facilitate a productive coexistence in the Negev. Desert Stars’ goal is to identify and promote young Bedouins with potential leadership qualities and an interest in social engagement, who wish to develop their life skills and leadership abilities, so they will lay the foundations for future business and social development of the Bedouin society. Our competition proposal intended to create a bedouin, desert type of building environment and feel. The concept was to take the line of desert ground and use them as a tool for the movement and shapes of the buildings. The campus site consists of the school, faculty housing, student housing, green house, youth hostel, villas, bedouin tent, administration buildings, sport courtyards , a running track and a farm. We spread out the buildings across the building site with low rise building, up to three floors , the school situated at the center and core.

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