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Design is my passion: whether spatial, digital, or experiential. Defining the abstract, identifying issues, generating ideas and solutions, and translating them into an elegant, holistic, visual, and graphic response all contribute to my intuitive perspective and approach to design. My architectural training and work experience has enabled me to develop creative, innovative, detail-oriented, and psychologically-attuned user-based solutions employing collaborative problem-solving, in-depth research, and teamwork management and supervision. 

I am a Canadian born, experienced architect working in the architecture & planning industry in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and New York for 8 years on projects of various scales, from large public academic buildings, preservation architecture, residential and commercial architecture to interior design. 

I has a holistic and imaginative approach to architecture, context and site-focused with an emphasis on efficiency, flexibility, circulation, and design flow. It is my belief that humanity and nature should be interconnected and cohabitate in their most authentic form possible in a built environment. I view architecture as spaces, voids and forms that unite to create a desired user experience rich in interactions, light and textures. 

My experience includes all phases of development, from conceptual design to high detail execution documentation including carpentry detailing, high resolution visualizations and modeling, client and consultant collaboration, and materials and texture research suited for the space and design approach.


In my free time, I like to find creative projects to do around the house, paint & draw, play piano, ski and swim. 







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